A quote from the mythologist Joseph Campbell provides a clue to the series title – "The ultimate mystery of being is beyond all categories of thought."

Dave Kendall - Series Producer
With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Geography and a Master of Arts degree in Media Anthropology from the University of Kansas, Dave Kendall produced his first documentary in 1982.  Since that time, he has produced more than a dozen full-length documentaries on subjects ranging from Native American history to the debate over the teaching of evolution in science classrooms.   In 2004, he produced, scripted and edited “Black/White & Brown,” a widely distributed documentary focusing on the landmark Supreme Court case of Brown versus the Board of Education.  He produced an abridged version of that program for national broadcast on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer.  His productions have been distributed nationwide by American Public Television and the Central Educational Network.  In 1987, he became series producer and host of a local production called “Sunflower Journeys,” which remains the preeminent program on Kansas history and culture.  Currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, the series airs on all of the public television stations in Kansas and is distributed to numerous schools and public libraries.  While retaining his role as host of the series, Dave has moved on to become KTWU's executive producer and manager of production services.

Rev. Charles E. Atkins, Jr. - Host/Narrator   
A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, Charles Atkins earned both a Master of Divinity degree and a Master of Arts degree in Religious Education.  Ordained as a minister at the Little Rock Baptist Church in Camden, New Jersey, he went on to serve as an associate minister in charge of outreach and evangelism for Shiloh Baptist Church of Trenton, New Jersey.  Feeling a call to prison ministry, Rev. Atkins became a field director for Jericho Prison Ministries, preparing inmates for mentorship by churches after their release and using his performance skills to help troubled youth overcome impulses toward violence.  He performs and records Christian Hip Hop music, through which he translates Biblical teachings into modern urban psalms and parables directed to at-risk youth.  He is currently employed as a chaplain within the New Jersey Department of Corrections, providing both internal support and outreach services.

Eugene Williams - CEO/General Manager
Eugene Williams has served as Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of KTWU since 1998.  Prior to that, he was Station Manager for WYCC-TV/20 in Chicago.  He's currently an active member of the Board of Directors for the Public Broadcasting Service and has served on the Small Station Advisory Board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  A graduate of the University of Alabama with a B.A. in Communication Arts, he also obtained an M.B.A. from Mobile College.  Eugene has an extensive broadcast and film background, which includes work with CBS, CNN, CONUS, NBC, The National Science Foundation and a host of local stations, state associations and independent production companies. He has produced numerous programs for broadcast on public television and served as Executive Producer of KTWU's award-winning documentary production “Black/White & Brown.”  He will also serve as Executive Producer and fiscal administrator for “Beyond Theology.”

In His Steps Play
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BEYOND THEOLOGY, a ten-part series of half-hour programs, explores the notion that the guiding mythologies of modern civilization are undergoing a metamorphosis of historic significance.  Throughout this series, noted theologians and scholars reflect upon the specific challenges of our time, addressing the roots of contemporary culture wars and global environmental crises.  The series concentrates upon the emergence of viable worldviews that integrate scientific inquiry and spiritual insights while acknowledging the value associated with the preservation of religious diversity. "What Would Jesus Do?", was produced as an adjunct program to this series.

BEYOND THEOLOGY is being produced for broadcast on public television stations across the United States in the Fall of 2007.  It will also be distributed to these stations via satellite by American Public Television (APT).

This series is being produced for all those who are seeking, studying and striving to understand the various dimensions of religion and spirituality in the modern world.  College students and young adults will find the programs helpful as they attempt to chart their course through a changing cultural landscape, seeking guidance and inspiration for personal growth and career development.  Older adults and inquisitive senior citizens will also find substantial food for thought as they reflect upon the nature of the changes they have encountered in their lives.  Those engaged in efforts to find common ground among the diverse faith traditions and to explore opportunities for dialogue between them will also find these programs to be of value.
Series production of "Beyond Theology" is provided by the Shumaker Family Foundation of Olathe, Kansas -- promoting social and environmental justice, education, spirituality and the arts. For more information on the foundation and their other projects, visit the website at www.shumakerfamilyfoundation.net.
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